‘Sometimes we all fall into a dark place, that we really don’t want to be, but have no control over. The support I’ve been given has brought me back to be the person I used to be – the person that people recognise again as being my true self. My confidence, sense of humour, motivation and purpose have all returned and without Helen’s support this would not have been possible.’  

'The voice of reason and sense through some of my darkest, loneliest and most irrational moments. Patience and understanding in abundance enabled me to be honest about my depression and self harming. Words could never fully encompass my appreciation for the support I have been given. Helen is truly unique and I am grateful for all the time and effort she has invested in me.'  

'We are both doing great. Nearly four months for myself without alcohol and three for my husband. Not long ago we were respectively drinking 100 and 180 units a week! We’re delighted and are convinced we wouldn’t have achieved it without Helen’s superb guidance and support.’  

‘When I came out of rehab I was really nervous and not sure of myself. When my counselling sessions started with Helen I felt at ease instantly, she was so friendly and I knew that I could tell her anything that was on my mind. She was supportive of all my decisions and never judged me. I have never had a counsellor who was so encouraging and made me feel good about myself. Knowing that Helen was there for me really helped me, even when we didn’t have sessions I knew that if anything was bothering me she’d be there for me to guide me through difficult times.'

'There were a few occasions when I would talk through issues that came up in my life with Helen before I would tell my family, as long as I had Helen’s support I knew it would be ok. Having Helen to talk to, pushed me to move forward with my life, I realised that in order for my life to be different without drugs I would have to take charge of my own life. I believe that my life is as it is now (which is amazing) is due to the aftercare I received when coming out of rehab, I feel so lucky to have had Helen as my counsellor and a part of my recovery.’

'You told me I could stop this addiction and showed me how, when I had no faith in myself. You have helped me to come back to my family and myself and my gratitude for this programme will stay with me for a lifetime.'


© Helen Logan | Counsellor and Addiction Specialist