Face to Face Counselling

There are different reasons why you might wish to seek therapy. Perhaps there's an issue that dates back many years - something that has felt too daunting or painful to address. Possibly, you've tried to push it to the back of your mind and get on with your life but have found that despite your best efforts, the issue keeps getting in the way. You might also worry that talking about it might be like opening Pandora's Box, and that once it is opened you may not be able to close it again. But rest assured sharing the problem can be surprisingly liberating and we will only ever take things at your pace.

Alternatively you may be in the middle of a current crisis and need support to help you to cope and a safe space to explore your feelings around it. You might simply feel you are stuck, or at a crossroads, unsure of how to break the deadlock of a situation or which direction to take. Many people find that therapy enables a deeper understanding of themselves and their life experience. Whilst it doesn't automatically offer all the answers, therapy does provide the foundation from which to move forward.

The sessions tend to be conversational in style and are a collaborative process between myself and the client. Sessions last for 50 minutes and take place on a weekly basis in my consulting room at home or in a dedicated therapy room in London at a regular time. I work weekdays, offering both daytime and evening slots. Some clients have different requirements and I can cater for this by providing home visits and telephone counselling. Home visits are useful for people who can't take the time out to visit one of my therapy rooms or feel more comfortable seeing me in their own home. Please see the dedicated section on the website for more information about telephone counselling.


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