Intensive Addiction Therapy

Recovery without the Rehab!

For well over half a century, the generic response to the treatment of addiction has been a spell in residential rehab, and whilst this method has undoubtedly helped countless people, and will continue to, I don’t believe it is the only way for all. By its very nature, residential rehab removes the individual from their normal activities of work, family and friends for a period of weeks. Apart from the obvious disruption this causes, more significantly, it presents a major challenge of re-adjustment on return to ‘normal’ life. On leaving the safe and closeted world of rehab many find the sudden re-emergence of familiar associations and stresses from one’s old life to be overwhelming. This is very probably why significant numbers of people relapse in the first few weeks of after leaving

IAT works in a way which aims to reduce the risk factors in relapse. Think about swimming for a moment: Wouldn’t you agree that that the best place to swim is actually in the water? If you instead learnt in a classroom, the chances are you might really struggle to keep afloat when it came to being in the water! In order to recover from your addiction, it also makes sense to learn to do that in your everyday day life: at home, at work, out and about, amongst friends and family; so that when the challenges present themselves (as they invariably will) IAT deal’s with them head-on in in the here and now. You will start to be able to distinguish between the elements of your life that are really healthy and working for you in your recovery, and those that aren’t. Over time, you’ll begin to change your mind-set and develop an awareness and understanding of yourself that will enable you to re-connect to all your resources and strengths. Ultimately you will establish a toolset of skills and techniques that will help you to respond better to the challenges of your life. So that instead of picking up a drink or a drug, gambling, bingeing, or acting out in some other way, you can rely upon yourself - just you without any other crutch - to handle a difficult situation or feeling. IAT teaches you to be in charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions rather than being dictated to by your addiction.

The principal benefit of the IAT programme is that it allows you to maintain your family and work commitments without any serious disruption. All I ask is that you devote a number of hours (somewhere between 6 – 13) to the programme each week by engaging in regular telephone and face to face sessions. I will also require you to work on written assignments in your own time for joint discussion later. The beauty of IAT is that it is a bespoke service which is tailored to the needs of each individual client and adjusted in the light of his/her progress. I will explain in more detail how the programme works when we speak.


How do I know that IAT is for me?

You are probably reading this because you think that you - or perhaps someone you know - needs some help dealing with substance abuse or a behavioural addiction. How much help is needed neither of us know, until we have a chat and I have made an assessment.

Give me a call on 07790 670 365 and we can explore the situation and the best way forward. Once I have gathered all the relevant information I can assess what treatment might be necessary, and if it's thought that a programme of Intensive Addiction Therapy could be of benefit then we can discuss the next step.

It doesn't cost anything to talk so call me now on 07790 670 365. Alternatively, visit my dedicated Intensive Addiction Therapy Website



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